Similarities Between Whitman And Emily Dickinson

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During the civil war in American history known as the, few poets started to stray from the traditional routines for composing poetry. Among these poets were Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. A percentage of the writers discussed the common war in their glory. By so doing, they figured out how to advise their audience on the different parts of the war. Emily Dickson and Walt Whitman are a percentage of the poets who discussed the war and other noteworthy part of American History. These two writers discussed the war however in alternate points of view utilizing disparate styles. This paper along these lines investigates the similarities and contrasts between the two writers' finest, considering all viewpoints including the subjects, structures and styles utilized amongst others.
While these writers had completely special ways of life and definitely different styles of composing, the messages they introduced through their composition were regularly comparative. Whitman's poem "Melody of Myself, No.6" and Dickinson's poem "This
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Naturally, Whitman utilizes, and is surely the expert of, the long line. Dickinson, then again, makes use of only of short, staccato, basic lines. A case can be made for the idea that a relationship exists between line length and the sorts of thoughts communicated by these poets. The thoughts Whitman introduces in his poems are more individual and enthusiastic while Dickinson presents thoughts, which appear to be general and factual. This principle differentiates between the two can be backed by analyzing a common poem by every poet. At the point when Whitman presents the thought of death in his poetry it is uncommonly customized, very nearly to the point of being amazing to him. In "Melody of Myself," stanza 49, he addresses Death specifically: "And as to you Death, and you astringent embrace of mortality, it is unmoving to attempt to caution

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