Sibling Relationships In The Rich Brothers

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While reading a group of short stories I became intrigued by how drastically different the relationships between siblings varied from one story to the next. In a couple of the stories the relationship was obviously based off of the siblings’ home life, while in others the dynamics of the relationship were hard to understand. How do sibling relationships affect someone long term? What is, or is not, important in order for a relationship between siblings to prosper? Why do some sibling relationships fail while others thrive? These are some of the questions we will analyze in this paper. My goal here is to help others understand and form their own opinions about the relationships of siblings and how these relationships will affect the siblings …show more content…
Take the two brothers in The Rich Brother for example; I took from the story that Pete resented Donald. It seems like the resentment started when the boys were young; specifically, when Donald, the younger of the two, had an operation and was given more attention than Pete. In the story, Donald recalls how Pete would constantly take any chance he could to hit Donald in the place where his stitches were. One instance that Donald remembers clearly is after his parents go out for the night; they had left Pete in charge, not knowing that he would go into Donald’s room and punch him in the stomach over and over again. The saddest part is what Donald recalls next, “I was afraid you would get mad at me if you knew I was awake.” (Wolff 352) As adults, I believe the hate for Donald still lingered in Pete while Donald still chose to love his older brother. When both siblings choose to love and forgive one another no matter the circumstance, the relationship prospers. In contrast, when one sibling, or both, chose to hang on to the resentment like Pete did with Donald, the relationship between the siblings ultimately

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