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Act 3 From act 3, we can infer that Shylock is not a pleasant character. He goes from simply scheming about getting revenge on the Christians to becoming fanatical about killing Antonio as the play progresses from act 1 to act 3. Shylock can be associated with the “devil” as he was being portrayed as a devious and scheming Jew who plotted Antonio’s death. His character is fascinating and multi-layered, as seen in act 3 scene 1, when he gave a powerful speech about acceptance that is difficult to ignore. “Hath not a jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?…” (act 3 scene 1, line 55-68) The great speech which follows brings out Shylock’s suffering and
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It can be manifested in many ways from expression of hatred to discrimination against individual jews. In this act, we saw how Shylock was being discriminated by the Christians in the play. Antonio lends without any charges while Shylock lends money with interest rates. Thus this brings down Shylock’s profit margins and earns him a bad reputation. In addition, Antonio has constantly bullied, undermined, harassed Shylock and treated him like garbage. “You called me misbeliever, cut-throat dog and spat upon my Jewish gaberdine” and “you spat on me on wednesday last, you spurned me such a day, another time, you called me dog”. Antonio’s was still unapologetic to Shylock as he insists that his racists behaviour would never change even after Shylock lent him money as he is a Christian and Shylock is a Jew, therefore, he is of a ‘higher rank’ than Shylock. Act 3 scene 1, lines 53-72, exposes the hypocrisy of the Christian characters who are always talking about Christian love and mercy but then go all out to alienate Shylock just because he is Jewish and …show more content…
People hate Jews for many reasons. One of them is because Jews today have taken over many different industries and continue facing the word’s envy through unexplained stories given their inglorious past and vermin like repression all over Europe, Soviet Union, Asia before the 20th century. They have surpassed all barriers of indifference and continue to represent in majority number sectors like finance, law, medicine etc. People do not like the statistics for obvious reasons as a race that has been subjugated to massacres every 21 years in different places and eras continue to not only exist but with money bags and high portfolios. Another reason is because of the Jewish deicide. Jewish deicide is a belief that places the responsibility for the death of Jesus on the Jewish people as a whole. The implications of this have been huge - the accusation was frequently stated, and used to encourage violence against the Jews. Many of the attacks against the Jews were a result of a local priest preaching on this theme at Easter. Thus, this claim can be linked to countless persecutions of the Jews. For Jews, ‘never again’ has become ‘ever again’. An ancient hatred that was being depicted by Shakespeare in Merchant of Venice has been reborn in World War 2 where Hitler executed countless numbers

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