Essay on Should The United States Enforced Laws About Having Kids?

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Having Children?
How would most people feel if the United States enforced laws about having kids? If we as a society don’t change either how we live or the laws involving children, we will have generations of people using uncle Sam as a crutch. The rate of births among women ages 15 to 44 increased by 1% from 2013 to 2014, the first increase since 2007. One in five children receives food stamps or some kind of aid so says the census bureau. Mandatory laws on having children should be enforced in the United States because of the high amount of government supported children, and the number of questionable parent(s). First off, the number of government supported children is enormous, and with a projected baby boom on its way after the bounce back from a recession. To fix that the government could put in place laws restricting the number of children a family can have. The government could either restrict a family’s number of children based on total income. As in low class to middle low class family’s have one or two children. Where at the same time the high class, and middle high class families might have two too four children. Or the government could put in a law for everyone. They could much like china did and only allow one child to be born. Or based it off of the number of parents raising the child, one parent, one child, two parents, and two children. Instead of putting laws on childbirth, they could change the laws involving children/parents aid. The government could…

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