Should The Pharmaceutical Industry Provide Free Medication For Those Who Can Not Afford It?

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Should The Pharmaceutical Industry Provide Free Medication To Those Who Cannot Afford It?
Raghavendra Appalla #1675363
Fairleigh Dickinson University
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In this paper the importance of free medication is explained clearly in this paper.In this paper the various aspects like intellectual property,finance drug development and the development on framework for essential drugs distribution.In this paper all the above aspects are analyzed and then these are supported with an example regarding Malasiya’s case study with the affordability,cost,availability and pricing of drugs.A new set of ideas and proposals have been discussed thorughly which would lead to the availability of drugs in huge amounts with the contribution of both pharmaceutical industries and the government agencies in every nation and all over the world.

I. Introduction
Thesis Statement: Drugs offer a simple solution to diseases, if they are available and affordable. They can bring a Healthy smile on the face. On the contrary the smile diminishes if they are expensive and scarce.
1) II. Body
A. Protection of Intellectual property.
i) It was earlier related to the industrial field but now moved also towards medical field. ii) It has prevented acess of many drugs in low income countries.
B. Essential Drugs
i) Transformation of drugs as a public health tool into a commodity . ii) The need for a new framework to bring the essential drugs into action. C.…

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