Should The Insane Asylums Helped Or Hurt Mental Illnesses? Essay

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One can find out if Insane Asylums helped or hurt mental illnesses through the patient’s illnesses, the practices, and the experienced outcomes. Ever since the first insane asylums in the 1800’s, a huge problem was how incredibly easy it was for someone to be deemed insane and admitted. Photograph Reasons for Admission (Reasons) lists laziness, mental excitement, novel reading, asthma, and grief as a few of many absurd reasons that an individual would be ruled mentally ill and then immediately placed into an asylum to be treated and hopefully cured. It seems as if anything someone did or anyway someone felt could be twisted into complete insanity in the 1800’s, before doctors and everyday people learned about medicine. Referring back to photograph, Reasons for Admission not only would one be titled ill if they did not practice a religion, but also if they were overly enthusiastic in participation of religion (Reasons). Despite the above listed unbelievable reasons of admissions, many genuine actions and feelings, listed even within the same photograph, for admission in the 1800’s. For example, photograph Reasons for Admission also has self-abuse, sexual abuse, and time of life are also listed. Self and sexual abuse could lead to depression, lack of trust, and severe anxiety, which would just continue to hurt the individual’s mental state. Many diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are disease that come with age, like the listed reason time of life. It is proven by…

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