Should One Follow The Law Of The Land Or Their Conscience Analysis

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Should one follow the law of the land or their conscience? Taking a page from the marketing tactics of Old El Paso Taco Shells, I ask why we can’t do both?

With a population of over seven billion, human beings are never going to come to a consensus about what the ultimate conduct guide should be. Still, the two main sides of the debate are that one should either follow the rule of law or their own conscience. However, I do not think that both sides are mutually exclusive. After all, the government is made of of people and theoretically, each person follows their own set of moral principles. So, the laws should reflect those people’s beliefs. If that is the case though, then why are there oppressive laws in place? Besides, only a select few
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Essentially, Western Europe was always in a state of war for much of recorded human history, from the Roman northwestern expansion into Britain, to France and England killing each other for centuries, to the Napoleonic wars; it has been clear that these countries do not naturally care about each other. Soon, they moved into an alliance system, yet, France and England still found themselves fighting Germany in World War I and II. Nowadays, no one is too afraid that the United Kingdom, France, and Germany will declare war against each other. That is because at this point, all of these countries, along with the other Western European countries, have too much too lose if they bomb each other. As the world becomes more globalized, more countries have become interdependent. Yet, not every country has the resources to have a stable government or to have industries that are useful to their adversaries. If the world can find a way to develop every country and have everyone be dependant on each other, the world can more easily agree on a set of moral principles. Once the guidelines are decided on, every country can make their own laws which adhere to that standard. This means that the citizens of every nation’s conscience will, for the most part, comply with their national

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