Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

1775 Words Oct 25th, 2014 null Page
The Global Commission on Drug Policy recommended that recreational drugs be decriminalized in 2011. According to the Global Commission’s report, the war on drugs, as coined by Pres. Nixon, has been ineffective and has actually harmed those it strove to protect. The recommendations of decriminalization are given in hopes to alleviate the problems current drug policy does not adequately address. Many social problems have arisen from the drug war and the policies it has caused. Recreational drugs such as marijuana, should be legalized and regulated. The legalization of marijuana within the United States and other countries of the world has illustrated that legalization of recreational drugs would help solve the problems created by the drug war as well as improve citizen’s quality of life. If recreational drugs were to be legalized, treatment of drug addicts would become more effective, the power of the drug industry would be negated, and the stigmatization of non-violent drug users would end. Reasons commonly given for leaving drugs in their current state will also be addressed and refuted. The drug war is supposed to be a mission for the betterment of humanity. As such, it is necessary that those who are affected by drug laws are at the core of policy and decisions regarding its implementation.(Global Commission, 2011) Because of the strict punishments given for drug use, addicts will often avoid treatment for their addiction, prolonging an unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes…

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