Should Cosmetic Surgery Be Necessary For The Medical World? Essay

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Why America is choosing to go under the knife
Surgery to alter one’s appearance is nothing new to the medical world, but was formerly reserved for the correction of a birth defects such as cleft palate or as a result of a surgery or accident such as a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or skin grafts after a severe burn (Sexton), but in a rapid fire society with an intense focus on youth and beauty, one is left to wonder if cosmetic surgery is becoming necessary for the changing times. Cosmetic surgery is defined as the “‘maintenance, restoration, or enhancement of one’s physical appearance through surgical and medical techniques’” (Furnham & Levitas 1). These elected procedures range in a plethora of factors such as cost, time, and risk, and with no inherent deformities present or terrible accidents begging for reconstruction, it is solely vanity motivating people to ‘correct’ their unharmed healthy features. Hazards such as reaction to anesthesia, infection, malpractice, undesirable results and possibly paralysis of a specific region make elective cosmetic surgery seem like a hospital of horrors, yet the burning desire to combat aging, a public embedded in vanity, the accessibility of cosmetic procedures and hopes of a second life seem to be more than enough to compel individuals to undergo these costly and possibly dangerous procedures.
American culture, contrary to many others world wide holds youth to be one of the most coveted and fleeting attributes of a…

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