Short Story Summary: Winter Dreams By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Short Story Summary: Winter Dreams Youth, innocence and the loss of both; Harmful relationships. Both are major themes in the short story, Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the true American literary geniuses of the early 1900’s. Fitzgerald’s short story takes place in Minnesota and follows the life of Dexter Green, a boy from the middle class who aspires to be wealthy, and his “Winter Dreams”: A life with the beautiful, yet deceptive and toxic, Judy Jones.
Throughout Winter Dreams, youth, innocence, and the loss of both, are two of the main themes, with both being inter-twined. Throughout the story, Dexter is unwilling to let go of his “Winter Dreams”, his yearning to be with Judy Jones. Dexter’s wanting to be with and love of Ms. Jones is used by Fitzgerald uses the idea
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Other literary devices that Fitzgerald uses in the story include oxymorons, such as “beautifully ugly” (Fitzgerald, 3), and phonetic speech. An example of phonetic speech used in this story is when Mr. T. A. Hendrick is struck in the abdomen by a golf ball and screams “By Gad!” (Fitzgerald, 7). Another literary device Fitzgerald uses are metaphors. An example of a metaphor used in the story is when Fitzgerald writes “Then the moon held a finger to her lips and the lake became a clear pool, pale and quiet.” (Fitzgerald, 9) Throughout his stories, Fitzgerald does an effective job of incorporating multiple literary devices.
The short story, Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is filled with powerful themes, which reflect themes from many of his other stories, such as The Great Gatsby and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, with the most powerful themes being the loss of innocence and youth, as well as having a toxic relationship with a “beautifully ugly” character that ends up harming

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