Short Story, By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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During Ernest Hemingway 's life, there were a lot of revisions made in society. While these changes were transpiring, he began to write about them. In many of his works, he examined these changes and how they affected society. In Hemingway 's short story, “Up In Michigan”, he addresses the change in gender roles. In this short story, he focuses on two main characters, Liz Coates and Jim Gilmore, to establish this claim. With this story taking place in a very small town in Horton Bay, Michigan, Liz 's understanding of relationships between men and women being very limited, Liz 's innocence and naivety is illuminated. In “Up in Michigan”, Liz finds herself infatuated with Jim, a blacksmith from Canada. When Jim finally approaches her, she finds herself unable to comprehend what is happening to her, the result being rape. Although Hemingway focuses most directly on the rape of Liz Coates, by analyzing the story along with three articles by Lisa Tyler, Alice Petry, and Marylyn Lupton it is clear that the deeper meaning behind this story is, with shift in society, male dominance has forced women to comply to the men 's wants and needs.

Due to the fact that Liz was shielded from relationships, her innocence was preserved. In the beginning of the story, Hemingway emphasized the fact that Liz was very neat and well-kept., thus giving the readers a deeper understanding of her character. By describing her as very neat, it also shows how she was the stereotypical girl, obeying…

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