Sherman Alexie 's The Lone Ranger And Tonto In Heaven Essay

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Sherman Alexie’s “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” is a 1993 short story that looks into the life of a Native American man who is depressed after a failed relationship with a white woman in Seattle. Now living alone in the Spokane Indian Reservation, the narrator feels haunted by his past and affects him in daily interactions. The majority of the narrator’s views are negative and his own race is seen as divided from America, even when Native American home is America the narrator does not feel like he belongs. Sherman Alexie distinguishes the narrator in order for readers to understand who the narrator is and why the narrator is depressed in the story with point of view—the narrator’s perception of others and their own onto his perception of self, character—through the narrator’s identity as a Native American man separate from the nation, and style—going through the majority of the narrator’s own thoughts being mostly negative but still looking for a light for himself.
Alexie utilizes point of view by the narrator perceiving other people with relation to himself more than they do for him in the narrative. At the 7/11, the narrator comments on how the store clerk is judging him as a thief by face value from his “dark skin and long, black hair” and in return he judges the store clerk by “acne scars and a bad haircut” (403). The narrator’s character is aware of the judgment placed on him and Native American stereotypes, but does try to relate to others with…

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