Sherman Alexie 's Indian Killer Essay

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Since the 19th Century, Native Americans have faced oppression from the American culture. Although free to leave, many Native Americans feel confined to their reservations, trying to cling on to the last bit of tribal culture they have left. Their culture, however, has been radically changed by the modern American culture. Sherman Alexie perfectly portrays this oppression and the plight of the Native American in Indian Killer and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. Through the setting, plot structure, and characterization, Alexie uses both books to show the struggle that a modern Native American faces. “As a Native American… Sherman Alexie knows how difficult it is for someone to make his way in an alien society without losing his own identity” (Critical Survey). To begin, Sherman Alexie’s novel, Indian Killer, uses elements of setting, plot structure, and characterization to depict the struggles of Native American life in the modern era. Alexie centers the story on John Smith and his struggle for an identity. Adopted as a baby by a white family, John starts his life as an outsider. John has no idea what tribe he came from. He wants nothing more than to fit in, but he also seeks revenge on the white people that tore him away from his mother. John decides his purpose is to kill a white man, so that the white man will pay for everything the Indians have gone through. Throughout the descriptions of the various settings in Indian Killer, Alexie shows the poverty…

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