Shameless Psychological Analysis

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Shameless is an American TV show about that has various characters with

psychological disorders. One of the major ones is Ian Gallagher, who has Bipolar

I disorder. The distinguishing symptoms only started to appear in the fourth

season and followed thought-out the show. The character himself and his family

were not aware of his disorder, although it runs in the family.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness, with extreme mood swings. The main

character suffers from Bipolar I, when one or more manic episodes are present

and often persist with major depressive disorder. The symptoms include,

inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, irritable mood,

increased goal-directed activity, excessive
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Ian ran away kidnapping Mikeys child without any resources. Also, he left a baby in the car and someone called a police on him, he was acting psychotic, yelling out and accusing people that they wanted to take his baby away. This clearly shows the signs of mania , psychosis and misconception of reality, he had religious delusions and believed that he was “saving a baby” from demons, he wasn’t aware what he was doing after all.
Ian was admitted to psych ward, with involuntary treatment such as sedation.

The hospital confirmed that he has Bipolar Disorder, giving him supply of anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers and sedatives such as lithium and olanzapine for paranoia, stating that his medication will start working in 2 weeks. Ian was resisting his diagnosis and refused to take his medication. He flushed them because they make him feel like “life is not worth living” and he feels better that they are gone.
Ian was arrested for stealing government property and forging the

documentation to get into Army Forces, however, due to his illness the
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Based on my knowledge, the show describes the exact symptoms and

above, making it fascinated to watch. The actor relived the disorder like its own.

After seeing some comments about the show, people who suffers mental illness

could relate to the character.

Bipolar Disorder runs in families, which explains how Ian Gallagher inherited it from his mother. Genetic factors play a major role in this disorder. “If one parent has bipolar disorder, there is a 10 to 15 percent greater chance of their child developing this condition”(PsychCentral). Out of 5 children, he was the only one who developed it. They lived in a stressful environment, including poor neighborhood and lack of resources, they grew up seeing their Bipolar mother mood swings, such as taking them to shopping spree to cutting her wrist on Thanksgiving, and their father being an addict and alcoholic, these sociocultural factors also impacted his Disorder. As of psychological factors, Ian didn’t shows any cognitive dysfunction, temperament or excessive neuroticism that would make him vulnerable to Bipolar

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