Sexuality, Aging, And Aging Essay

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Sexuality and Aging
As we age, we will encounter a variety of physical setbacks. We may have decreased mobility, problems performing ADL, or various conditions such as Alzheimer’s occurring. What we seldom seem to focus on though are the conditions that effect sexuality when aging. This paper will be focusing on two conditions that effect sexuality when aging. These two conditions are erectile dysfunction in males and menopause in women. We will focus on what these are, how they occur, and what interventions can be implemented by nurses for those experiencing these conditions.
Purpose and Development of Issue A problem with males as they age that relates to sexuality is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is when a person is not able to maintain an erection throughout intercourse. Research has shown that it is not considered a normal part of aging, but it does seem to be a factor that causes issues for an abundance of older males. Some changes that a person may notice that relate to erectile dysfunction are arousal taking too long, a harder time reaching orgasm, or intercourse not feeling the same as it did before (Next Avenue, 2012). Erectile dysfunction is caused by a variety of things. Some may have problems related to cardiovascular health, such as high blood pressure (Next Avenue, 2012). Medications given for high blood pressure may also cause problems. Some may have problems related to diabetes and insulin resistance. Some may have problems…

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