Sexual Objectification and the Effects on Women Essay

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Sexual Objectification of Women and the Effect on Women
Everywhere you turn, there are magazine covers, movies, reality TV shows that portray woman in a sexual light. When was the last time that we as a society sat down and realized the effect that this is having on young girls, teens and even grown women. The portrayal of women as sexual objects in these and many other types of media have greatly affected the mindset of society. What affects has this had you ask? There are there main effects that we will explore. First, is the effect it has on their self-image. Second, is the effect on how they portray themselves in their relationships. Third is the effect it has on their mental state. The effect on a woman’s self-image is one of the
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This is a form of stereotyping, and stereotyping exerts control or power over people, pressuring them to conform according to Susan Fiske, professor of Psychology at Princeton University. If this is the type of behavior that is acceptable, how can we expect our children to ever visualize themselves as anything more than a sex object in their partner’s eyes? The effects on women from all this objectification is already a great deal. Nevertheless, there is still one other factor to consider, how this effects a woman’s mental state. Psychologists and even some feminists are arguing that this type of objectification can lead to depression, low self-esteem and hopelessness due to the belief that their intelligence and competence are not being currently nor never will be acknowledged by society as a whole. By having these feelings about one self, there is no reason to push yourself in your education or your career. It can also lead to feeling of fear, shame and disgust, which are typically shown during the transition from being a little girl to womanhood. There is a strong sense in their minds that power, respect and wealth will only be achieved through one’s outward appearance and their sexual performance. While there are many negatives out there, I did come across a small amount of research that shows there are positive female stereotypes to try to counteract all of this negativity. These positive examples, if watched instead, can empower

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