Essay about Sexual Deviance And Sexual Deviant Behavior

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When someone thinks of child molesters or rapists, the first thought is to lock them up because there is no help for them, they are sick. How can anyone be attracted to a child? How can anyone rape someone? How can anyone turn out this way? Normally people don’t consider the back stories of these perpetrators, because they have committed awful acts. We consider these people sexual deviants. Sexual deviance is sexual behavior that diverges from the norm, while that is not always a bad or unhealthy thing, it can be problematic if you are harming someone. Though there is not one specific trigger to becoming a sexual deviant there are many layers in which one acquires this behavior. This is usually established in early childhood/ adolescence when teenagers start using drugs and alcohol, and having little regard for the law (McGee & Newcomb 1992). By using a thematic approach this paper will cover the roles that parents/guardians, drugs, and alcohol, childhood trauma and even victim statements play in shaping sexual deviants. Childhood Trauma
Childhood trauma is the common link between all deviants, sexual or not. It is important to note that just because someone has trauma in their childhood does not mean that they will turn into a sexual deviant. It is also important to recognize that there is no excuse for this type of behavior. This impacts greatly how one sees and functions in the world. “In a study that…

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