Sexism And Discrimination Based On Sex Essay

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Sexism is described as prejudice or discrimination based on sex. It is also expressed as a behavior or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on gender. The social constructs also has given men the Ideological power. Women are at the receiving end of sex based discrimination. Women have experienced oppression and have less privileges than men at home and in the society because of the ideological power bestow on them by the social construct. Some of the ways women have been at the receiving end include the use of language, violence, sexual abuse, controlling behavior of men, intimidation and economic oppression. Women have also been stereotyped and subjected to roles like childcare and domestic labour.

Patriarchy, described as the system of male dominance and exploitation of women has played a major role in the way women are treated in the society. Pease makes the point that men are socialized within patriarchy and this influence their interaction with women. Most men therefore believe that they have right to make normative claims upon women and they are entitled to their claims. These claims include deferential treatment, sexual service and emotional support. Medero (1987) also stated that all men are controlling. Some men exert control over women in response and compensation to their experience of being controlled by others either at work or in the public. The overbearing nature of men over women can also be attributed to masculinity. Goldberg (1973)…

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