Essay about `` Sex Without Love `` By Tina Turner

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Not to my surprise, the Iconic singer Tina Turner’s 1984, number one hit song, “What’s Love got to do with it,” became her signature song most recognized among her fans. Questioning a relationship’s worth and meaning is an endless universal popular topic with many diverse opinions and beliefs of what’s morally right or wrong. Similarly, Sharon Olds’ 1985 poem “Sex without Love” reflects one speaker’s disapproval and disappointment articulated with an ironic tone. At first spark, the speaker seems to be baffled on how an act can occur without the presence of the other, but as one reads on its obvious the irony is evident. The use of metaphors climaxes the beauty of Sex that includes love while associating the loveless sex with harsh realism magnitudes. The setting of the poem coincides timelessly in any era due to its direct point of related interest and act of nature. Sharon Olds’ poem “Sex without Love,” delivery of imagery and tone heightens the speakers overall positive and negative outlook on the correlation of sex and love.
The relationship of Sex and Love is inspired and build upon a person’s beliefs, and opinions of what’s morally right or wrong which in turn determine their projection. In Sharon Olds’ poem “Sex without Love” the poem starts out ironically with a question referencing a highly questionable association of Sex and Love, “How do they do it, the ones who make love without love?” (Sharon). Proceeding with the metaphoric instances that appeal to ones…

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