Sentencing Structure, Police Ethics And Practices, And The Future Of The Criminal Justice System

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With recent talks on Capitol Hill of an upcoming criminal justice reform, it is not surprising to see topics on sentencing structure, police ethics and practices, and the future of the criminal justice system in the news headlines. One of the biggest topics is the overwhelming prison population in state and federal prisons. This has been a prominent topic for some time now. While some want to curtail the prison community others seem to think there is not a visible complication. Those who sense the prison population or the amount of people under supervision of the criminal justice system is of no concern, more than likely do not understand the impact the population has on criminal justice professionals or where the funding for these institutions and services comes from. The federal population has had its first decrease in population since the 1970s. But, state prison populations experienced its first increase in population since 2008. It seems these two levels offset each other’s progress time and time again. Prison populations continue to increase with little evidence of slowing down. The crime rates and continuing violence in America do not help the idea of overcrowded prisons either. Prison populations are dangerously steep. The high numbers put inmates and criminal justice employees at risk. Reduction of prison populations at both federal and state levels will create a safer and more efficient prison system.
• History
Before incarceration, criminals received punishment…

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