O. Henry's The Gift Of The Magi

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Well if you are really interested in reading a ‘Christmas’ story that does not involve Santa or are fed up of the usual, boring conventional Christmas tales, then The Gift of the Magi is the perfect pick! It is a story that reinforces the value of selfless giving. Written by O. Henry, an American short story writer born under the name William Sydney Porter, the plot is really absorbing, and is complimented with details throughout which keeps the reader involved till the very last word. This American short story writer has a rich canon and his short stories are well known throughout the world. O. Henry often prefers translating tragedy or misfortune into an emphasized regard and tenderness for the underdog. This perspective on the world around …show more content…
Henry’s best-known stories and according to me is a must read for all ages, especially young adults. The author’s writing style is really appreciable, especially his witticism, clever wordplay, and unexpected twist ending. Although critics have claimed Della and Jim to be foolish lovers and their act is termed as foolish impulsiveness; I personally believe they are realistic, relatable examples of present day love- where lovers are ready to sacrifice their happiness for the other, which keeps the love lively and everlasting. O. Henry maintains a lightness of tone, the attitude of a genial observer, so that the story does not become overburdened with false pathos, and the trick ending appears as natural as the course of true love.
In a nutshell, The Gift Of The Magi is a simple period piece, delicately spun around modern love. With lengthy sentences, old fashioned vocabulary, it talks about the rewards of unselfish, undulating love which as an enduring appeal to the reader. I would give this story a 4.5/5 star rating…..it deserves this for being above the usual mundane stuff that ruins the very idea of love. Plus, you 've gotta love the surprise ending, as is customary with O. Henry 's

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