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Want to devise and complement the recruitment procedures, there must be clearly and typical policy might deal with:

l Internal advertisement of vacancies

l Efficient courteous processing of applications

l Fair and accurate provision of information to potential recruits

l Selection of candidates of bases of suitability, without discrimination

Successful selection means matching the organization’s requirements through the exchange of information. Methods of selection include the following:

² Application form

² CVs and covering letters

² Shortlists

² Tests

² References

² Medical examinations

² Group selection methods

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.Recruitment process:

(a) Detailed human resource planning. About recruitment of Air China, in my opinion, it must know clearly what resources they need to meet its objectives, such as human resources manager, construction planning project manager, strategic planning manager, stewardess…

(b) The sources of labor should be forecast, it also Air China should does.

(c) Job analysis.

(i) A job description: a statement of component tasks, duties, objectives, and standards.

(ii) A person specification. Air China can do selection according to the candidates’ physical attitudes such as neat appearance, ability to speak clear; attainment including educational qualifications; general intelligence, special aptitudes such as neat work, speed and accuracy, interests, disposition and background circumstance.

(d) Recruitment as such begins with the identification of vacancies, from the recruitments of the main power plan or by a job requisition from a department, branch of office that has a vacancy

(e) Preparation and publication of advertising information will have three aims

(i) Attract the attention and interest of potentially suitable candidates

(ii) Give a favorable but accurate impression of the job and the organization

(iii) Equip those interested to make an attractive and relevant application


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