Science And Humanistic Beliefs Of The Natural World And Humanities Utilization Of Language

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Different interpretations’ of facts, theories, and beliefs between people automatically generates controversy. People believe their facts are correct so they attempt to “correct” others’ facts and beliefs. The conflict between nature and language was one of many issues that created a huge controversy between science and humanistic beliefs. What actually caused the issues between these beliefs is the misinterpretation of facts of the natural world and humanities utilization of language. Humanity is favorably blind to Darwin’s observation of the natural world causing a misinterpretation of language use resulting in controversy. Every scientists create their own assertions through their observations and generate theories. Charles Darwin (a naturalist) created a theory called Natural Selection from his observations. Natural Selection is the preservation of favorable variations and rejection of injurious variation. Species are in certain environments and they have to survive through harsh landscapes. While species endure the trials, some species may die and some continue living because certain species did not have particular traits to survive in those environments. The environment changed the traits of the survivors who were able to endure the trials so they transformed into a new species. Natural Selection selects the species that are able to survive and evolve them to new ones in order to survive in that environment. 2
Natural Selection is explained in…

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