Scholarly Review Of ' Why Dracula Won 't Die ' Essay

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Scholarly Review of Why Dracula Won’t Die Dracula is one of the single most iconic characters in 20th century literature. Dracula by Bram Stoker has launched a vampiric empire into modern day culture. Now there are movies and TV shows and Halloween costumes all inspired by one book about a vampire. This story has been studied for generations in schools and classes in many countries around the world, because it is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever created. The article Why Won’t Dracula Die by Mathias Clasen is an in depth look into the inspiration behind Dracula and writing styles used to perfect Bram Stoker’s masterpiece. Clasen uses direct quotations from the book to support his analysis of the contextual structure and biocultural significance of Dracula. I plan on examining this article as a reader as well as a writer to provide an opinion and criticism on the topic. This article gives an explanation into how Dracula hows shaped modern literature and its historical and biocultural significance. Clasen also gives insight into how Stoker used unnatural theories to create the character of Dracula and the problems with the idea of an undead presence. Clasen draws on many other articles to provide information about the psychoanalytical background of Dracula. He explains the sexual and evolved experiences that Stoker uses to draw in readers and keep them interested. Clasen uses points of counter intuitiveness in Stoker’s novel to convey the human and unnatural…

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