Dracula Essay Conclusion

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To the rest of the world Dracula ends with Jonathan Harker’s note about the group of vampire hunters returning to Transylvania. To me that ending never happened. After Count Dracula turned to dust and Quincey Morris died, the group returned home. Ten years later, a new ending began. This new ending changes the entire novel by changing villains, new fears, and a mystery ending.
In my new ending, I gave a few characters some unique characteristics. Baddie, which is the name of the Harkers’ cat, means villain. The crew of the Demeter became vampires who transform into grey wolves. Dracula returns from the dead through a mental connection with Mina. The animals that the vampires transform into are not all black. In Stoker’s Dracula, Thomas Bilder.
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I changed the tone from the end of the novel from being calm and reminiscent to a sad, but an urgent tone because they need to kill the vampire Mina has become. Staying in the genre of fiction was an obvious choice because I turned Mina into a vampire who transforms into a little white bat. I used all the same characters, adding only Baddie the Harker household’s pet cat. I did kill off Mina for the greater good of the story. I kept the same epistolary format with the characters writing letters, diary and journal entries, telegrams, and news clippings. I wanted to keep the formatting authentic. I used the same style of entry for each character by seeing how each character would write a letter by the way they entered the date or I attempted to use the same dialogue to begin each entry such as how in Jonathan’s letter to Van Helsing, I wrote his greeting as “My friend Abraham Van Helsing,” (Hamm 2), because it is formal, friendly, and direct. I figured Jonathan and Mina would have similar personalities based on their understanding marriage so his greeting would be similar to her which is “My dear Van Helsing,” (Stoker 167). The tone change made the story keep going instead of ending. Not changing the genre kept the story on the right path of fiction. Keeping the same characters kept the story plot rising instead of having to explain how the new characters fit in the new and old …show more content…
I wanted to have Mina, who already is a new Victorian woman, become a strong female character unlike most of the women written about during the time Stoker was writing, changing the fear from being that of a sexualized female character to men’s fear of a strong woman who can do things for herself. I also wanted to have the color and size dependent upon age as a vampire. In Dracula, Stoker writes Count Dracula as a large black bat (Stoker 103). Bringing Dracula back gave the story suspense and fear. This encouraged the characters to gain the strength to burn Mina. Keeping similar dialogue in the entries makes it fit better with what Stoker wrote. I changed the way to kill the vampire because I felt that cutting Mina’s head off would not disconnect Dracula’s mental connect between Mina which is the only way Dracula survives. Burning would leave nothing but ash behind. Since Mina’s mental connection was to Dracula there is nothing keeping her around after she is burned. Having all the same characters allows readers to already have the background to the story without me having to write everything for new characters. I added one character because I wanted a smooth transition from Mina being normal to her becoming a murdering vampire. Killing a fictional cat is less important to the

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