Schizophrenia, By Jim Stevens And Marks Essay

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Several subjects are taboo in polite company, including the delicate topic of mental health. Both “Schizophrenia” by Jim Stevens and “Marks” by Linda Pastan address this topic within their poetry, albeit in drastically different manners. Reading these poems through only once can hide many of the traits that are shared. While “Schizophrenia” and Marks may greatly differ in terms of structure and point of view, they offer similar construction and insights. Structure is visually different in “Schizophrenia” and “Marks”. In “Schizophrenia”, 20 lines are divided over seven stanzas, with the first and last line of the poem being identical. While there is technically enjambment, each individual stanza forms a complete thought and is end-stopped. There is no discernable meter, rhyme scheme, or line length. On the other hand, “Marks” is a significantly shorter poem comprised of 12 lines contained in a single stanza. Three of the four separate thoughts are end-stopped, although each thought occupies more than one line. It is only in line 11 which reads “I pass. Wait ‘til they learn” (11) that we see a more true enjambment where one thought ends in the middle of the line and the next thought begins. As in “Schizophrenia”, there is no discernable meter or rhyme scheme. The length of each line in “Marks” varies, but as a whole is considerably shorter than those in “Schizophrenia”, at 6 syllables and 9 syllables on average, respectively. The varied structure of these two poems enforces…

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