Childhood Onset Schizophrenia

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A rare type of Schizophrenia, Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia can be defined by psychotic symptoms that occur before the age twelve. Pathophysiologic features, functional changes that are seen in patients with Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia, are similar with later forms of the disorder. Studies of Phenomenology, patient 's consciousness and awareness, neuropsychology, brain and behavior relationship, and the patient 's biology have proven this fact. Looking at the similarities between adult diagnoses and those of children, we can note that the criteria is similar though the effects are different. Children do not meet the levels of social and educational performances due to a regression in their performance. Patients hold characteristics of cognitive …show more content…
At this point he showed loss of motivation, social and emotional withdrawal, disinterest in hygiene and dress, and trouble sleeping. Among these negative signs were positive signs, which are extra feelings or behaviors that are usually not present, obvious behaviors that we as a society would deem crazy. They included hearing and seeing people who are not actually there and illogical beliefs. While professionals may focus on the full illness and the origin, early signs can help find ways to prevent such illnesses. Though children outgrow many of their emotional and behavioral problems, there is a small group of them that do not. It was not until Alex was fourteen years old when he had this …show more content…
These patients are said to experience more hospital admissions, higher suicide attempts and lower education achievements. Families with a positive history of Schizophrenia plays a big part in the early onset of Schizophrenia. To evaluate the environmental risks an experiment was done which looked at the impacted of life events such as birth complications, developmental issues, and the condition of the family was completed. The presence of stressful life events, as participants were asked about the presense of lfe events, foundings showed a trend between the diagnosis and patients with divorced parents. A study done by the British 1946 Birth Cohort and replicated by the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort discovered that simple things such as the age to stand, walk, and potty training were related to the development of Schizophrenia if such developments are delayed. It was also found that motor and speech development were very influential to this diagnosis. Statistics show that though 85% of individuals who suffer from Schizophrenia have no relative with the similar disorder.....Environmental risks are not the easiest to understand and til this day they remain incompletely

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