Sarcasm In Hamlet

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To be or not to be! Hamlet the man of the hour taking his spot in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The play Hamlet brings to show the struggle that dear hamlet has towards his edging of revenge for his father's death and the actions he takes and does not take. Hamlet seems to be a very Idealistic man when plotting the revenge with a sense of indecision, which is then affected by his melancholy caused by his father's death. Moving towards the character of hamlet furthermore is the sarcastic tone he brings towards the story even when trouble is ever so increasing.
In the first two acts of Hamlet, Hamlet seems to be showing signs of annoyance and conviction of what is going on. In the first act Hamlet is annoyed by his mother's quick marriage
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To the argument of man, Hamlet is actually sane. Hamlet before any of his questionable actions happened, occurred only after he met the ghost of his father. This meeting led to the ideas of hamlet to act irrationally only because the ghost wishes him to revenge his murder. This is proven when Hamlet tells Horatio, "How strong or odd some'er I bear myself That you at such times seeing me, never shall with arms encumbering thus or this headshake, or by pronouncing of some doubtful phrase"(I.v.190-195). That quote is where Hamlet literally says the he would be acting irrationally in a later time, which would excuse him of insanity at towards Horatio and Marcellus. In that Horatio and Marcellus know about the ghost, Hamlet acts normally and rationally towards them. Unlike how he acts irrational around Polonius, Claudius, Gertrude. and Ophelia. Others that he acts rationally towards would be the players because they have no relationship towards Claudius and so he does not have to pull off his deception towards …show more content…
When he first encountered the ghost of his father was when all hell broke loose with the thoughts of avenging his father's death. At first he sought to act in "madness" so to better increase his odds during his investigation on whether Claudius did murder his father or not drew the outcome he did not deserve. Hamlet holding his sarcastic nature helped in deluding people such as Polonius for his real intent and to start to draw worry from Claudius. When Claudius began to become more confused on whether Hamlet actually is insane or not threw him off his guard and created a suspicion. The only flaw in Hamlet showing signs of insanity was that his relationships with Ophelia and his mother Gertrude grew worse. Also during the pressure of all this Hamlet is impacted upon depression because he is over thinking everything and it is just because he is over thinking everything and it is just building more and more stress upon him. One reason the stress was building was because of the fact that hamlet was overthinking the whole situation and wasn’t taking action when he had the chances. It was only because of Hamlet's indecisiveness that soon led to prolonged conflict and eventually his death. All Hamlet wanted to do was to kill the murderer Cladius who murdered his father and what did he get in return? Death. He was to be a tragic hero to save the day, but ended six feet under a meadow of

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