Sample Resume : ' Te ‚Äã Chnology ' Essay

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Te chnology i s revolu tionizing the me dical field with the cre ation of robotic devic es and complex imagi ng. Mini mally invasive su rgery, or robot a ssisted surgery, is a co ncept surrounding many common proced ures that existed prio r to the i ntro duction of robots. The g oal of us ing robo ts in medic ine is to prov ide imp roved diagnost ic abili ties, a less invasive and more com fortable experie nce for the p atient, and the abi lity to do smal ler and mor e precise int erventions. It is used for proced ures that req uire long cuts by enter ing the body thro ugh small entry inci sions in stead, surgeons use long-ha ndled instruments to op erate on tissue within th e body, avoiding thos e long cuts. W orking from a sp ecial consol e in the oper ating room, a surgeon op erates several preci sion-guided robo tic a rms th at hold and ma nipulate shorten in struments that are in serted through keyho le-sized inci sions in th e patient. The lead ing robot that is main ly used in h ospitals is the da V inci Sur gical S ystem, which w as approved by th e Fo od and D rug Adminis tration in 2000. Sin ce then, many ca ses that range fr om small injur ies to death wit h the robot ha ve caught the at tention of su rgeons and the FDA. Ro botic s urgery is sp read ing quickly without eno ugh adequate ev aluation, m aking i t unsafe and too costly fo r the pati ent.…

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