Sambo Doll Reflection

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Changing someone’s way of thinking is difficult, especially when they have a higher status. In the illuminating incident of the conversation with Brother Jack, the narrator finally realizes how all of his efforts in the Brotherhood are bypassed with what Brother Jack has in store for him. After Tod Clifton, a former member in the Brotherhood, is shot by a police during his ‘Sambo Doll’ performance, the narrator gives a speech on how Tod Clifton was shot because he was black. On the other hand, the Brotherhood committee became furious he gave the speech and participated in the funeral of a traitor. First, Brother Jack says, “‘You were not hired to think’” and that even if the committee were at fault, he was to only do what he was told (Ellison 469). Brother Jack strips the narrator’s individuality and puts him the in the same situation every other white authority figure has put him in-submission. Despite his correct judgement on what to do, he cannot think for himself and act with his conscious. Later, Brother Jack displays the amount of the Brotherhood’s imposed power by saying, “Our job is not to ask them what they think but to tell them!” that leads to the narrator ask Brother Jack, “‘But are you sure you aren’t their great white father?’... ‘Wouldn’t it be better if they called you Marse Jack?’” (473). At this point, the narrator understands how Brother Jack used the black community only for their benefit and no longer defended them and also that Brother Jack feels superior to …show more content…
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