Essay on Salinger 's The Catcher 's View On The World

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J.D. Salinger was an author that inspired many authors and peoples. Some of the people he tried to inspire did terrible things and some did things that were awe-inspiring. However, despite creating hope and a voice for a generation J.D. Salinger did not like to stay in the spotlight and preferred a more reclusive lifestyle. In order to understand J.D. Salinger’s seclusive and private life one needs to see his life’s work and how they reflect his own views and feeling in the world.

To help see Salinger 's view on the world, one must first see his comparisons to the character that he created. Salinger can be comparable to one of the many characters he created Holden Caulfield from his novel the Catcher in the Rye for , like Holden, Salinger was raised in an upscale Manhattan apartment. Although Salinger attended New York public school, he did enrolling at the exclusive McBurney School and just like Holden, Salinger wasn’t an interested, thought or academically exceptional student. That also wasn’t the first school that Salinger was sent to because of his poor performance at McBurney he was subsequently sent off to Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. Years later Salinger join WWII, with most stories are post-WWII America and served until the end of World War II. During this time Salinger served as an interrogator in the Counter-Intelligence Corps and a participant in the D-Day offensive. Many fans and critics alike say that this is what drew Salinger to go in his seclusive and…

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