Salem Witch Trials : The First And Witch Hunt Essay

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The Salem witch trials were the first and only witch hunt to result in numerous deaths and rely mainly on spectral evidence. Most importantly, Salem did not follow the standard set by previous possessions: to keep the accusations made by the possessed inside the household. The accusations were used for selfish and greedy reasons. Salem Village was dealing with land disputes within the village and trying to gain independence from Salem Town in 1692. Some of Salem’s residents moved from Maine due to loss of family and land to the Indians. Also, a lot of Salem’s residents were dealing with tension, grief and what today is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. The magistrates used anger, fear and the psychological state of residents to establish trust and power. The occurrences in Salem were the result of the girls practicing fortune-telling and one girl receiving an undesirable answer. Tituba confirmed that she had signed the devil’s book and accused Good and Osborne, which led to the hunt that the magistrates used to gain power and wealth. The Salem witch trials resulted from the combination of curious youth, a slave confessing to save her life, and selfish magistrates.

In Salem of 1692, neighbors were divided, townspeople feared lurking Indians and new residents appeared with frightening stories. The residents were divided into two factions: Pro-Parris and Anti-Parris. The factions were divided based upon who supported Salem’s new reverend, Samuel Parris. Samuel Parris…

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