The Peace Now Movement

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Israel has historically been riddled with various conflicts and issues. In recent years, many of the problems facing the Jewish-state relate to Israeli and Palestinian relations. The Jewish people settled in and established what is biblically known as the kingdoms of Judea and Samaria. Later while under Babylonian rule, the Jewish people were exiled/dispersed from their ancestral homeland during the Jewish Diaspora. Years later, the Arabs settled the land and formed Palestine. Years after that, the Jewish people began to return to their homeland to form their nation state because they believe it is their biblical birthright, God promised the land to Abraham. Through politics and wars, the Jewish people were able to take a majority of Palestine …show more content…
Peace Now’s main objectives are the pursuit of peace, compromise and reconciliation with the Palestinians and with the Arab states, as necessary to guarantee Israel’s future security and its identity as a state. The Peace Now Movement wants a territorial compromise for the land of Israel and Palestine. Both will have to compromise on its historical rights to the land. The movement advocates for a two-state solution. The borders of Israel and Palestine will be based on the borders of June 1967 with exceptions when both can agree on land swaps. There will need to be territorial adjustments for the defense of Israel, so that Israel can thrive and survive as a country without constant fear of attacks. The movement does not believe that Israel should be in possession of the West Bank, Gaza, or the Golan Heights. For any compromise to happen, the lands must be returned to Palestine. Palestine will recognize Israel’s right for sovereignty and in return, Israel will recognize the Palestinians’ right for a national existence. Within the city of Jerusalem, there should be two capitals for the two states of Israel and Palestine. This will be based on the demographic distribution of that time and a special international agreement in the Old City, while also taking into consideration the various national and religious interests of Jerusalem. The goals and objectives of the Peace Now Movement are not unrealistic, however it will only work through a lot of negation and compromise. …show more content…
The demonstration was against Operation Peace of Galilee and demanded an establishment of a commission of inquiry into the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Over 400,000 activists showed up in hopes of removing Israeli troops from Lebanon. The demonstration proved fruitful when the Israeli government established the Kahan Commission.
As a result of the Peace Now efforts, The Kahan Commission was formed to investigate the factors leading to the Sabra and Shatila massacres. The commission had found the Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon indirectly responsible for the massacres and he was accused of intentionally overlooking the attacks. It was recommended that he be released from his current position. The commission also criticized Israeli Prime Minister Begin for the massacre, but did not bare him any responsibility for the massacre.
Following the results of the Kahan Commission, the Peace Now Movement organized

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