Russi The Russian Ukrainian Conflict Essays

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With Crimea taken by Russia, some assumed that the war goal was achieved and that Putin would soon back down. However, as we know now the war in Ukraine is far from over, and continues between pro-Russian separatists in the East and government forces (Schofield). In fact, according to Europe’s security body, “Vehicles apparently used to transport soldiers’ bodies have been seen crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border” and with “More than 4,000 people [dead]” it is obvious that the Russians are not protecting the balance of power in the region (“Ukraine Crisis”). Crimea under Russia’s hands has shifted influence on the side of Russia, while neighboring countries fear Putin will use a similar strategy of protecting Russian citizens residing in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and other Baltic States to justify annexing territory (Walker; Shaun; Oksana). Furthermore, the Russian government continues to deny that Russian soldiers are currently engaged in Eastern Ukraine, which has led to “The idea of an outright invasion of eastern Ukraine by Russian troops is highly unpopular in Russia… 57% of Russians support the separatist Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, but only 5 percent support an invasion of Ukrainian territory” (“Moscow Stifles Dissent”). With lack of support for an outright invasion, Russia has resorted to continue the narrative of having unmarked soldiers support the pro-Russian forces and “claiming a group of paratroopers captured by Ukrainians deep inside…

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