Royal African Company Essay

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Brian Warren
Professor: Dr. Neil Miller
History 105 001
Due Monday, October 17
In this research paper I will I identify who and what “The Royal African Company” was. As well as how they came to power and their significance to trading slaves to the West Indies and Virginia 1600’s. I chose this topic as I believe it is necessary to understand how the first slaves arrived and see how slaves were used to shape the Americas, just how important they were to the development of this nation. Also to connect what we have been discussing in the in class to events that are transpiring all over world and how similar these events are to that of the Royal African Company.
The time was 1619 when the first documented Africans arrived, via an English warship called the White Lion to the docks of Point Comfort in present day we know it as Hampton Va. The African captives had been forcibly removed from a Portuguese slave ship that was attacked by the White Lion and its English captain John Jope with the addition of other English’s warship who were under orders of the Dutch Prince Maurice who made it Legal for
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Along with several other forts and factories in other such as Sierra Leone, the Slave Coast, the River Gambia, and pleather of other places along the Gold Coast, Creating a monopoly of the slave trade. Thus making it extremely difficult for others to gain any traction on the slave trade, this would prove itself to be the Royal African Slave biggest mistake later in history. The Royal African Company lost its monopoly in 1698. This was due to the demand for slave to cultivate the land was so substantial that it was virally impossible for the company to keep up with. However this did not halt the operations of the Royal African Company, it continued to engage in the slave trade until 1731. It’s replaced were by Companies of Merchants Trading to Africa in

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