Room 101 Quotes In 1984

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Register to read the introduction… The Ministry of Love, which is actually quite the opposite, was a huge building, in which Room 101 is situated. Room 101, was where Winston was taken to become completely brainwashed into loving Big Brother, after having been found out about his affair with Julia and their shared hate for the party. Although no-one knew what happened in Room 101, everyone knew that it was a truly awful place. When they are standing in the Ministry of Love, O?Brien says to Winston, ?What was in Room 101. I told you that you know the answer already. Everybody knows. The thing in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world?. This threat at the back of everyone?s mind was also a way of Big Brother almost scaring people into following the …show more content…
No-one is allowed to enjoy sexual intercourse, and is purely around so that people can continue to produce children. People must not feel anything for other people, and you can only get married if you show that you feel nothing for one another beforehand. People have rationed food items and certain things like writing in books or reading, is forbidden as you can not express yourself or show any individuality.

The language is being replaced by ?newspeak?, a language where there is no variation in words and the only way to exaggerate something is by using plus on the front of the word so that the only purpose of language is for communicating and it can no longer be enjoyed.

All of these methods which the party has used were successful in 1984, in gaining the power. If the party were to continue to be in charge of Oceania after 1984, no-one like Winston would exist any more, and everyone would believe what Big Brother was saying from day to day, without getting any enjoyment out of life. It is easy to imagine that in the end, there will be no separating man from woman, the war would continue on forever and the only purpose of the human race would be to serve Big

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