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Explore the ways in which Romeo and Juliet are presented in this scene and elsewhere in Shakespeare’s play, and the performed versions. Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is set in Verona. The feud between the Montague family and the Capulet family reaches a climax when Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, a Capulet, is killed by Romeo, a Montague. Romeo and Juliet are first seen as very different characters, but later in the play, we realise that these two characters are not as different as we

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Although this could be portrayed in correctly, because in Luhrmann’s version of the play in the background of Juliet’s room, are a shelf of dolls and toys. This shows, although Juliet has matured because she is with Romeo she is still a young child of a tender age of 13. The scene is a very intense scene which shows the love and passion that Romeo and Juliet have for each other. By using the sheets of Juliet’s bed they throw over the top of them, this creates the effect of the couple being in a fantasy world all of their own, unfazed by the fact that Romeo must leave. Everything bad seems to be forgotten. It is just Romeo and Juliet making the most of their time together. Reality finally hits them both, when the nurse knocks on Juliet’s door. Juliet’s mother is on her way to Juliet’s room and at this point, Juliet begins to dress Romeo herself, she dresses him in a brightly coloured shirt and some dark trousers, and dresses herself in a plain white night dress, nearly reaching the floor. Juliet kisses Romeo good bye and sighs but knows that if her mother found out she has just spent the night with him she would surely kill them both. Romeo climbs down her balcony, and Juliet’s distraught, but she must let him go, she knows that if he does not leave the consequences would be worse, than banishment. Lady Capulet comes bursting in just as Romeo leaves. Juliet’s mother then tells her that she will marry Paris and she cannot believe what she is hearing. She is
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