Romanticism In Edgar Allen Poe's The Cask Of The Amontillado

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Gothic fiction is known as a subgenre of romanticism. It emphasizes on emotion, but it focuses on more disturbed feelings. Edgar Allen Poe is perhaps the most famous example of an American gothic author. His stories are a true definition of dark romanticism as we see in The Cask of the Amontillado a real prospective on gothic romanticism. It displays a disturbing feeling that the character in the narrative is insane. This type of narrative especially makes a person wonder why someone would have so much hate to kill with such an insane manner.
As we see in The Cask of the Amontillado, the two main characters who are Montresor who is stricken with insanity and is seeking revenge. The second character is Fortunato is known as well-respected man.
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Fortunato was drunk and was wearing a multicolored costume, a cone shaped hat with bells on it. Montessori knew that with great ease he could get Fortunato away from the carnival by tricking him. He bought some wine that could pass for Amontillado which Montresor says, “I’ll just ask Luches.’’ But acting as Montresor was going to find Luchresi he knows that Fortunato could not resist going with him because Fortunato thinks that he knows more about the Amontillado than Luchreis. But as we know Fortunato does not know much about wine as he thinks he does. We can see that Montresor uses reverse psychology on the servants and Fortunato. He tells his servants that they should stir from the house but he knows that they will ignore him. Because there is a carnival happening that they would go there anyway. He uses Fortunato as a subject to use reverse physiology in which Montresor is saying ““As you are engaged, I am on my way to Luchreis. If anyone has a critical turn it is he. He will tell me”’’ Montresor is using good reverse physiology to get Fortunato to come to his vaults, because we know Fortunato …show more content…
Fortunato is done trying to plead with Montresor. Fortunato is just wanting to die at this point. He knows that it gives Montresor great satisfaction for him to keep pleading and crying out to Montresor. Montresor’s heart has grew sick now, because he is torturing Fortunato by making him suffer till death but there is no turning back now but he should not have done this impeccable task. He forces the last stone in place as Montresor says, “for the half a century long no mortal soul has disturbed him. In pace requiescat. Which means (rest in peace). He is now on his death bed telling the story, because Montresor feels guilty that he has killed Fortunato in such an insanely manner by making him suffer by starvation or heaven only knows what else! Montresor could not die in peace knowing that he has done this devilish task to Fortunato. This is a cruel way to kill someone in such a manner that makes this a perfect dark gothic fiction. Edgar Allen Poe is known for his ability to put this gothic fiction narrative to give it a real allusion that it could happen to anyone. Who you think is your best friend could be your worst enemy because people say keep your friend close but your enemies closer. We should always stay alert of our surroundings and always keep our guard up. Do not get too enticed by being alone with your best friend, boyfriend, or anyone that are associated with. There are a lot of insane

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