Essay On Roman Pantheon

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Roman pantheon
The pantheon building was very remarkable and had lots of great features and background to it. The third pantheon was built in 118 A.D to 125. The first two pantheon buildings were burnt down, one was burnt and the other was struck by lightning and then it burnt down And later the third was made. The first pantheon was built and commissioned by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and that is why on the pantheon building it says M. AGRIPPA.L.F.COS TERTIUM.FECIT. The second pantheon building was built by Domitian and then the third and final building was built by Trajan, but not completely finished until the ruler Hadrian. The pantheon was built using lots of brick and concrete, but on the first pantheon building they used white marble, stucco so that it would
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From the information that I have found, the ways that the architects designed the building to shine the light throughout the entire building, and to shine on the Roman emperor was very genius and very advanced thinking for them to know that the light would shine on this certain day and in this exact spot so let 's put a hole in the top of this temple, oh and we also need to light up the whole building so that works out well together. This leads me to think that the people of Rome had valued their Roman emperor so much that they would build the building a certain way so that their emperor would be acknowledged, and would kind of be the centre stage of the temple. Like how a performer would have lights shone on him or her if that person was the centre of attention and the main event at a theatre. The pantheon was very important to the Romans and played a big role in the worship of their gods and the emperor. And that is why you should learn more about the pantheon and discover the secrets that have not yet been recovered about

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