Roles Of Witchcraft In Edward Evans-Pritchard And Zande Society

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Edward Evans-Pritchard and Zande Society
In the book Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic among the Azande, E. E. Pritchard writes about the Azande and their involvement with witchcraft, oracles, and magic. Pritchard studies the Azande closely and finds out there way of living and their values. Pritchard writes how Azande view witchcraft as something organic and hereditary. Pritchard describes how Azande believe that witchcraft causes unfortunate events, and also brings misfortune to some Zande. Pritchard goes more into detail by writing if those witches that caused the misfortune do it consciously or unconsciously. Lastly Pritchard talks about witch doctors, and their role in Azande society (Evans-Pritchard, 1976).
For Pritchard studying what Azande
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Azande saw witchcraft as something hereditary that was pass down from parent to child. Azande people believed that a male witches only pass down witchcraft to their sons, and a female witch to her daughters. They think the gene was passed only through the same sex child. Azande people also believed that witchcraft was a substance in the body of witches. They thought witchcraft was located somewhere beneath the xiphoidal cartilage. It is described as a blackish swelling or bag in which small objects are found. If a man is the son of a male witch and has the witchcraft-substance, it may remain inoperative through his lifetime. That is why Azande see witchcraft as an individual trait in spite its association with kinship. Azande do not care …show more content…
The Zande witch-doctor is both a diviner and magician. The Zande witch-doctor exposes and thwarts witches. The witch-doctor discovers the location of witchcrafts and he repairs its ravages. Pritchard tried to get more information on witch-doctor but could not gather too much because they wanted to keep that a secret. He even went as far as to make his helper become a witch doctor, but there was not much success. There are dances of witch-doctors where Azande gather to see witch-doctors search for witchcraft. There are rituals that witch-doctor do in those dances to find those responsible for witchcraft. It is usual for young man to get a senior member of the cooperation in his district to ask him to act as his sponsor. Those who which to become witch-doctors go to a ritual in the morning and eats some medicine to become strong for him later to become a witch-doctor and perform in a séance. When a witch-doctor has been initiated he takes a new name, which he use when he is engaging in divining and leech

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