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Introduction The philosophy of the principal has a great impact on the outcomes of the school and the students. The principal’s philosophy will impact the teaching styles of the faculty and staff, programs that involve student learning, and the way that the school runs. Our principals vision of the education of the students, does not include teacher proof curriculums and prefers a loosely coupled organization where teachers can change and make their lessons their own. His believe is giving teachers ownership to their lessons and classes, which will make the teachers take more pride and their teaching and giving more creditability to their lessons.
The Role of the Instructional Leadership My principal believes that all teachers need to be
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I would relate our principals’ philosophy as a loosen coupled classification. Our principal want teachers to make the curriculum their own and developed the curriculum their way. He believes that by doing this the teachers will take greater appreciation for their craft and develop strong lessons and become better educational leaders. Our principal does not like the idea of teacher proof curriculums. Though, the Apex program is a teacher proof curriculum, which he explained as a needed extra curriculum to help those students that have no other option. As I said before, he wants teachers to take ownership of their classes. He wants the educators to make their curriculum their own by developing their own units and lesson plans. He does not believe that every teacher should be teaching the exact same thing as the teacher next door or across the county. He believes that teachers are different, and need to excel in their differences. He just wants the lessons to be exciting and engaging for the …show more content…
These programs by allowing for our teachers to help our students in more than one way. Those students in the twilight program need a little more support, and the educators that are helping them are not following a standard curriculum, these educators are moving on the flow and helping every student they can. The apex program is the same, it allows for students to find another way to be successful. Our principal wants every student to be successful, if that means more of an unconventional curriculum or setting than that might be what is needed. Each of these programs is teaching students how to be successful after high school which is the main purpose to my principal’s philosophy. Finding anyway for the students to be successful and graduate from high school.
Our principals philosophy helps to shape the way our teachers will be teaching in their classes and what is expected of them during their lessons. Our principal gives the teachers a lot of leeway in developing their units and

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