Roles And Roles Of Socialization Essay

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Socialization is the process people undergo to learn the attitudes, values and behaviors that are appropriate for members of a particular culture. It is a lifelong process that involves many different social forces that influence our lives. These social forces are known as socializing agencies. Agents of socialization are directly responsible for influencing the development of the self. These agents play an important role in shaping the behavior; emotions, and behaviors of a person. Family is most influential socializing agent, the functions of family play an important role in socializing an individual. Other socializing agencies such as religion and school can also fill the socializing role that family has on an individual. Family, as Schaefer states, is the most important agent of socialization in the United States. As children, the family is the first form of socialization that is experienced. Parents foster warm intimate relationships with their children, resulting in the parent’s beliefs leaving deep impressions on the children. Their own norms, values, and language of their culture are transmitted to the child. As a result, growing up a child will often share the same values and beliefs as the rest of the family. Parents play a critical role in guiding their children into the proper gender roles deemed by society, leading the children to follow societal norms. Boys play with cars and action figures while girls play with dolls. From an early age family impacts a…

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