Role Of Corruption In King Lear

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His family and friends attempt either to redirect him and his thinking into the right path or to take advantage of it. In addition, in the poem there is Gloucester, who is a friend to King Lear and is betrayed by his son Edmund in believing that his other son Edgar is coming up with a plan against him and trying to kill him. At the beginning of the poem with Gloucester is branded a traitor for helping King Lear, and he is blinded by Cornwall who is the husband of Regan and when his eyes are taken out, he realizes that his son Edmund betrayed him, “All dark and comfortless. Where is my son Edmund? Edmund, enkindled all the sparks of nature to quit this horrid act” (Act 3, Scene 7, 1411-1413). Then he finds out the truth that Edgar was the son that always was on his side, “Oh, my follies! Then Edgar was corrupted and betrayed by Edmund. Kind Gods, forgive me that, and prosper him” (Act 3, Scene 7, 1411-1413). In the poem Edgar is with his father wants to show him how valuable life/faith is and that he shouldn't be gone from existence. …show more content…
Edgar tells his father to jump, Gloucester does jump and he thinks that he has fallen off of the cliff, in reality he just falls on his face. Edgar tells him different stories during his time with him to restore his faith in religion and his faith in living. Upon the hill with Edgar, Gloucester gets on his knees and says, “O you mighty Gods! This world I do renounce, and in your sights shake patiently my great affliction off” (Act 4, Scene 6, 1432-1435). Within the poem there is another article that I read which is called, “I Stumbled When I Saw”: Interpreting Gloucester's Blindness in King Lear”. Which talks about, Gloucester's blindness is the same as Lear’s madness, both of the characters representing the destruction of themselves and their human

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