Rock And Roll Culture

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Rock and Roll has made a big impact on the world. This type of genre is one of the most influential music’s that brought people together, but also brought them apart. Rock and Roll brought out a type of persona and a feel, in which people received when this genre was the new “big” thing. There were a few bands, such as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones that brought the true feel and meaning of Rock and Roll. The Beatles were one of the most influential bands that brought the great and unanimous sound of Rock and Roll.
The beginning to the genre of Rock and Roll is not what is in today’s culture. The start to this phenomenon was in the mid-1950s (Willoughby 123). The music of Rock and Roll was meant for people who wanted their voices to be
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Their songs had many different effects on people. The songs “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You” were bringing out the adoration and jolly feeling inside of people. People could have a happy and better sensory. Then, songs that go with the “typical” rebellious and standing for your rights song started to get produced. The songs “Revolution” and “Strawberry Fields”. In “Revolution” they write lyrics such as, “you say you want a revolution . . . we all want to change the world.” Those lyrics are saying to stand up for what you believe, but do not try to have peace with destruction and hatred. They soon moved to the “hippie” era. They made songs such as, “I Am the Walrus” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”. These songs are not technically the Rock and Roll genre. Although, these songs are the ones that reached out to people on the spiritual and intellectual level. Those lyrics in the songs are one’s that someone themselves have to interoperate in their own …show more content…
Not only were they futured on TV shows; they had a part in a two movies, A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, in 1965 (Covach and Andrew 165). In 2007, a movie: Across the Universe is a musical that includes most of the Beatles songs. The movie displays the works of the band on the emotional level, that they were written for. There is no other band that can help an audience perceive those emotions. The Beatles were still so influential that even in today’s culture their music is still to be heard. Commercials, movies, and TV shows interlude their songs into the works of production. Also, many different singers cover their songs. Even though the Beatles are not a band anymore, they are still prominent in the music industry.
Rock and Roll – many aspects went into this genre of music. The Beatles was the band that helped this genre get ready and become popular. They brought a different culture with them, since they were British. Not only did it bring culture, it brought a spiritual connection to the audience. It allowed people to feel and connect with their emotions. This band is what made Rock and Roll be what it

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