Robert Johnson And The Blues Singers Essay

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Robert Johnson was almost virtually undiscovered once the man’s twenty seven year lifetime came to a close in 1938. Today, he is regarded as one of the most influential blues musicians to have ever lived (Robert Johnson Wiki). Shrouded in an abundance of myths, such as the prospect that Johnson had sold his soul to the devil in order to obtain his musical expertise, Johnson’s legend prospers in the recordings of inspired musicians such as Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and a handful more sensational performers sprouting from the American blues era (Robert Johnson Wiki).
Robert Johnsons King of the Delta Blues Singers released in 1961, superseded the restrictions of former race music and left an inerasable mark on the history of blues music. The album is ranked twenty seventh on Rolling Stone’s list of five hundred greatest albums all time and for good reason (King of the Delta Blues Singers Wiki). With such fundamentally innovative and masterfully performed musical compositions, Robert Johnson influenced countless rock and roll musicians during the period of the 1960’s and onward today. Robert Johnsons soulful snippet of a life, spurred the ultimate commercialization of blues music through rock and roll and his creations led to an immense popularization of the rock genre.
Although it can be argued that Robert Johnson and his backing African American culture may have been warped and kneaded, culturally appropriating the blues and creating a popular music…

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