Robert Herrick And John Herbert Essay

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Robert Herrick and John Herbert depict Christian doctrine in their poetry and by comparing their works we gather a more definite interpretation of their ideas of God. Although both poets write mainly about Christianity, Robert Herrick combines Pagan traditions with biblical scripture, while George Hebert suggests that relying on God causes us to somewhat loose our independence. Ultimately both poets imply that God is necessary for life, considering both use the sun as a symbol for the the resurrection of the son of God. Also, we can further suggests that both poets depend on Nature to make God more understandable and relate-able. While nature may simplify God, Herrick and Herbert use contrasting images, like day and night or summer and winter, to represent good and evil or life and death. By only portraying nature 's extremes, like the sun setting or the seasons changing, both poets create a theme that time is fleeting to emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities. Although we can understand their theologies through nature, age becomes a way for Herrick and Herbert to portray life and death in a tangible and humanized way. Finally, both poets relate marriage on Earth with the marriage of Christ to the church, however, Herbert seems to consider the love between people is inadequate when compared to God 's love. Although natural reasoning simplifies the importance of a higher power, but since Herrick blends conflicting religions and Herbert sees his relationship with…

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