Robert F. Kennedy 's Speech Essay

771 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
American Politician from Massachusetts, Robert F. Kennedy, spoke in honor of the assassinated Martin Luther King Junior. Kennedy’s goal was to talk to American citizens about not letting this turn into violence against whites and blacks. When speaking, he created a tone of persuasion. He is trying to talk mainly towards the black US citizens to move beyond this assassination of a black man by a white man. His motive, is to keep this nation moving forward. Robert Kennedy’s speech to direct our nation toward nonviolence is strongly put across to the US Citizen’s by choosing to use specific sentence structures of persuasion,parallelism and alliterations. Kennedy begins his speech by acknowledging this assassination of Martin Luther King Junior by a white man will fill those of black color with “ bitterness, hatred and a desire for revenge”. Sad news is repeated multiple times in sentences following each other which is his use of parallelism. He goes on to say he can feel in his heart the relation to this incident by revealing to the audience his brother was killed by a white man, which also understated the JFK assassination. We as in us citizen’s can make an effort as MLK did to replace the violence that is stained with bloodshed all over our land with an effort of understanding , compassion and love. He too joins with this time of mourning. Kennedy was open with his emotions, which gave the people reassurance that the feeling grief is understood and expected, but violence…

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