Essay about Robert Bartels 's Influence On America

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In the early parts of the 20th century, the United States was in the later part of the Second Industrial Revolution. This massive change brought forth new energy sources (electricity), new transportation (roads and railroads), new communication (radio, telephone, and television), and mass production (Henry Ford’s automobile assembly) (Engleman, n.d.). These breakthrough technologies launced the progression of America from rural to urban, increased household wealth, and connection of businesses and people at unprecedented levels.
Robert Bartels, a famous marketing scholar who earned his bachelor of science in marketing in 1935 from Ohio State University and then his Ph.D. a few years, studied under two pioneers in marketing: Harold H. Maynard and Theodore N. Beckman (Shaw & Tamilia, 2001). Along with his professors, Bartels contends that marketing phenomenon was developing during the first 20 years of the 20th century. The early notions were about promotion. Companies were producing products to sell, and customers were nearby and had money. The rise of new production processes and new communication outlets in the early 1900s brought forth advertising companies. Two famous firms, Erickson Co. opened in 1902 followed by H.K. McCann Co. in 1912; they merged to form McCannin-Erickson in the 1930s creating the second largest advertising agency in the nation (Johnson, 2010). George Gallup, the founder of the renowned Gallup organization, was heavy in advertising…

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