Roaring Twenties Research Paper

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The era of "Roaring Twenties" in the United States often has another name - The Prosperity, and is characterized by rapid economic growth. The Roaring Twenties or The Jazz Age - French called it “années folles” (Crazy Years) – is a period of unprecedented change in all the spheres of life in North America and some European countries. During this period public life was to undergo dramatic changes: Victorian morality had become survival of the past, and America began to live according to new ethical and social patterns. Science and art did not hold themselves aloof of what was happening; they were to enrich the world with new theories and aesthetic principles. Roaring twenties became a milestone in the existence of the mankind – distant past, which had an immense impact on the formation of …show more content…
The thirsty were able to obtain alcohol in both illegal and legal ways – there was quite a number of loop-holes left in the law: possession and consumption of alcohol was not forbidden, so if a person was able to buy or produce alcohol prior to the introduction of the law, it was at his disposal. Whiskey was treated as a drug – having a preblockedion one could buy the covet drink at the pharmacy. Prohibition seemed a simple solution of many social problems that had accumulated. Most historians believe that the introduction of Prohibition was a mistake, as it strengthened organized crime groups, smuggling alcohol. At the federal level, Prohibition in the United States was abrogated in 1933, although not in all the states. Government tax losses reached $ 500 million a year. 50,000 deaths and many cases of blindness and paralysis were caused by the consumption of ersatz alcohol. There was a shift to the consumption of stronger alcoholic drinks, which was more profitable to produce and transport. It was frequently said that Prohibition succeeded in replacing good beer with bad

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