Essay on Risky Behavior And Delinquency : Core Elements

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Literature Review
Risky Behavior and Delinquency: Core Elements

Involvement in risky behaviors has been associated with a number of varying external and internal factors. Characteristics of risk behavior range from mild disturbances with others to delinquency involving incarceration. The American Psychiatric Association (2013) provided an outline of objective criteria in the DSM-IV, involving risky behaviors associated with Conduct Disorder. At least three of following criteria must be met in order for diagnosis: verbal/physical hostility towards others, damaging property of others or public property, burglary/theft or wrongfully obtaining property of others, or other major offenses that violate social norms. Internal factors defining the prognosis of conduct disorder have been highlighted in the DSM-IV to include untreated childhood temperamental disturbances and below-average verbal IQ. Family risk factors include home instability, abuse/neglect, foster care, family criminal activity, and addiction. Community influences include social rejection, involvement with deviant peers, and exposure to neighborhood or gang-related violence (APA, 2013; Ray, et al., 2016).
Ray, Thornton, Frick, Steinberg, and Cauffman (2016) measured common variables as subgroups of problem behaviors in youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System: about 90% physical acts of violence, almost 50% minor theft, 37% receiving stolen property, about 28% distribution of marijuana. Less than 25%…

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